Benefits Of A Zero Gravity Bed

In fact, about one-third of adults in the United States don’t get enough sleep, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . And people who consistently sleep fewer than 7 hours a night are at higher risk for certain chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease and depression. When watching TV, reading a book, or simply taking time out, raising both your back and legs in the Zero-G position helps alleviate pressure on your lower back.
Because of this, Zero Gravity sleeping is often recommended to those with heart problems, high blood pressure, Restless Leg Syndrome, and Diabetes. If you followed the steps above and your adjustable bed remote has options for you to save favorite positions, go ahead and do that, so you can access the zero gravity position any time at one touch. You’re not lying flat and you’re not upright – move the head end of your adjustable bed using the arrows on your remote until your upper body is somewhere in between the two at 120 degrees. We have found that the power bases fit inside most modern bed frames.

If your adjustable bed already has a zero-gravity preset, you can shift to this position with the push of a button. Many adjustable bed frames pair with wireless remotes, or they’re Bluetooth-compatible. You can tell if your bed has one of these presets by looking for a Zero-G button on the base’s corresponding remote. The best mattresses for adjustable bed frames are highly flexible ones, namely memory foam or latex mattresses. Some hybrid mattresses are adjustable bed compatible but double-check with their manufacturers before doing so.
From the Zero-g position to a tv watching position to anti-snore to lounge position and more, the GhostBed Base does all the work for you and you have to do is lay back and relax. Oh, and if you fancy a massage, you can choose between 15 different whisper-quite massage modes to help you further settle in for the night or prepare for the start of your day. You can even choose between different massage modes for both your head and feet – all at the same time. Tempur-Pedic mattress and adjustable base sets are on sale for up to $1,000 off during our Black Friday Sale.
You’ll be able to rest at an accommodating temperature, start snoozing faster, and wake up feeling fresh. The Yaasa Studios Infinity Blanket is available in two different options. The throw size 41 x 55″ is available for $149, while the bigger size, 57 x 77″, is $229. The Infinity Blanket is the first Yaasa Celliant adjustable bed with zero g demonstration blanket that wraps you up in its warmth while simultaneously promoting great sleep. The blanket is made with Celliant fibers, which are proven to increase blood flow, enhance the oxygen in your cells, and promote quick recovery. They aim to optimize customers’ living experience comfortably and affordably.

If you’re looking to splurge a little on an adjustable bed base, then it couldn’t get any better than a Saatva. Known the world over for providing high-end, superior quality bedding and mattresses, they also make adjustable bed frames fit for a king. Zero gravity adjustable bed bases sound like something straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie but in fact adjustable beds have been around for a while. They give you the ability to raise and lower your head and feet so you can find a position that’s most comfortable for you. Sleeping in a zero-gravity feel for an extended period of time can relieve insomnia.
So, by elevating the head/bottom of the bed, you’ll sleep in an elevated position. This way, you’ll remove all the pressure from the upper, especially the lower back. This will limit the compression of the lower back, especially the nerves which can be the main cause of lower back pain. When you’re in zero gravity mode, your thighs and torso are perfectly aligned and your bent knees are level with your heart.

When you’re sleeping in a flat position, gravity adds pressure to your spine and causes discomfort and soreness. And if you already have sleeping problems, this pain can feel even worse.1 That’s because studies show that sleep disturbances interfere with how your body manages pain. The less restful your sleep, the less opportunity your body has to try to alleviate those aches.
IDealBed 5i Custom Adjustable Bed Base, Wall Hugger, Massage, Zero-G At the pinnacle of modern adjustable bed design, the iDealBed 5i custom seamlessly combines classic features... IDealBed iEscape Adjustable Bed Base, Wall Hugger, Massage, Zero-G, Anti-Snore The all-new iEscape adjustable base has everything you need to create the ultimate sleeping experience. IDealBed Custom Comfort Adjustable Bed Base If you are shopping for a fully-featured adjustable base at a reasonable price, look no further! With fast delivery across the nation, you can rest easy knowing this adjustable base will enhance the way you sleep, relax and unwind for many years to come. When you lie flat on your back, the soft tissues in the very back of your throat or excess fat around the neck can partially obstruct your airway, causing vibrations when air tries to pass through. By elevating the head and upper body, that obstruction is relieved, allowing your airway to open back up for improved breathing and reduced snoring.
Your airways are more open, and this means that you breathe easier and snores less. Overall, Ghostbed earned a rating of 4/10, tying for 6th place with Amerisleep. This company scores 10/10 in Advanced Features, delivering the best combination of safety, convenience, and comfort. It also ranked 5th for Bed Costs, an impressive feat considering the deluxe nature of its adjustable bed model.

Zero Gravity bed takes the pressure off the heart, which allows better blood flow throughout the body. While unorganized sleeping positions can put added pressure on the heart, Zero gravity beds reduce the pressure on the spine and decrease lower back pain. Considering the health benefits a zero gravity bed provides, it’s completely worth the money. The zero-gravity position was calculated by NASA years ago when researchers were exploring ways to alleviate pressure on astronauts’ bodies during takeoff. However, once adjustable bed frames became popular, doctors and sleep experts began looking at the pressure-relieving benefits of sleepingin this position. You can achieve a zero-gravity sleep position on an adjustable bed base.
Though not the absolute best in any, this brand has respectable scores in multiple metrics. Unlike Ghostbed, it scores well in Product Variety and Specifications, ranking in 3rd by offering multiple bed models and an expanded size selection. It also ranks 3rd in Reputation and Reliability and 5th in Advanced Features.

This can help ensure that each of you get the restorative sleep that need. Although there are many adjustable beds on the market, we recommend an Amerisleep adjustable base. Amerisleep offers two adjustable foundations—each with a zero-gravity preset that makes it easy for you to find the perfect weightless position.
The Nectar bed frame is controlled by an easy-to-use remote control that lifts the head region, the foot area, or both, simultaneously. You can either manually select how far up you want to go, or opt for one of Nectar's presets. There's an anti-snore button that raises your torso quite a bit and slightly elevates your legs, and purports to help you sleep more quietly. While I can't vouch for whether or not this works for snorers, it is a remarkably comfortable position to sleep in regardless. Believe it or not, yes, it can, which is where the zero gravity sleeping position on adjustable beds enters the picture. It does sound a bit like SF, sure, but it is nevertheless what some of the premium models of adjustable bases offer.

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