Eyelid Surgery

On top of the cost of the actual surgery, it’s also recommended that you inquire about other fees that you may be charged. These qualifications will help you determine if you will be in good hands if you elect to have your surgery at that medical facility and with that staff. So you’ve decided that you are indeed ready to go abroad to finally undergo that cosmetic procedure that you have been thinking about getting for a very long time. But before you head off to any old hospital and any old doctor, experts highly recommend doing your research.
Double eyelid surgery or "Asian blepharoplasty" creates an eyelid crease resulting in a larger and more symmetric, almond-shaped eye. The height from your upper lash line to the new eyelid crease is customized to your preference and existing anatomy. Double eyelid surgery for aesthetic purposes is not undertaken ทำตาสองชั้น ที่ไหนดี in a regular operating theater. This means that patients may return home as soon as the procedure is complete, although they must not drive any vehicles that day. For upper eyelids surgery, cuts are made into the natural lines and creases in your eyelids, and in the wrinkles at the corners of your eyes.

Eyelid Surgery or Asian blepharoplasty, commonly known as double-eyelid surgery, refers to a popular plastic surgerythat designed to place a small pretrial crease in peoples’ eyes that are absent of having a fold. Most Patients seeking ethnic plastic surgery and double Blephalso look to remove the noticeable puffy and tired look typically associated with a fat upper eyelid. LiVecchi, who has had an eyelid lift himself, disputes that patients are flocking to the procedure primarily with vanity in mind.
The epicanthal fold is a semilunar flap of skin that descends along the side of the nose from the upper eyelid to the medial aspect of the lower eyelid. Its concavity is directed toward the inner canthus.23 The epicanthal fold is one of the characteristics commonly found in the Asian eyelid; it is seldom found in other ethnicities. When the epicanthal fold presents, the soft tissue intercanthal distance is wide24 the eye looks round, short, small, and not bright, leading to an unfavorable appearance. The four types of epicanthal fold according to Johnson's classification25 are illustrated in Fig.

And you will also need to consider the cost of the hotel where you will stay when you are not staying in the medical facility you chose. These days, there are a number of travel companies who service this niche, so you should also check reviews for companies providing such services. The country has a history of offering these procedures at high quality facilities like Bangkok General Hospital. Even the island of Phuket has been known for its range of cosmetic procedures at specialty clinics and large hospitals. • If there is excess fat at eyelids, both excess fat and some of eyelid skin will be cut out.
Therefore, the Asian eyelid includes the varied eyelid morphologies present in Asia. The Asian population is composed of various races—Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, as well as others. Most of the published literature on the “Asian eyelid” describes the morphology of eyelids found in native Chinese and those of Chinese descent; this morphology has its own unique characteristics. • Lower eyelid surgery ir blepharoplasty can easily remove the excess skin and fine wrinkles associated with the lower eyelid. • Loose or baggy skin that often creates folds or disrupts the natural contour of the upper eyelid, oftentimes impairing vision. Your surgeon will then utilize sutures to mimic fibrous attachments that are naturally present in double eyelids.

The majority of them come from the United States, Australia, Europe, and Southeastern Asia. Patients from Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Asia come here for treatment. Plastic surgery, orthopedics, gastroenterology, heart surgery are the major Sikarin specialties.
The Chaophya Hospital is a JCI accredited, tertiary private hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, which has been in operation since 1991. It has an international department which offers a comprehensive range of supporting services to foreign patients. My consultation with the doctor was so thorough and he gave me so much information and so many options that I couldn’t be more delighted. I’ve been coming to Bangkok every year for 16 years and I’ve been to many different hospitals and clinics and this is by far the best one I’ve found.
These components make the eyes look more beautiful and more attractive. And it is the principle of eye surgery for people with various problems such as saggy eyes, single eyelid, Ptosis or drooping eyelids, uneven eyes and inner corner eyes are fold. In this method, excessive fat, muscle and skin are removed simultaneously. Then, the surgeon will extend the line of the eyelid beyond the last third portion of the eye, removing and configuring the entire eyelid tissue.

You can go back for everyday life in 3 weeks, and if on the second day after surgery to begin to carry out micro-currents is after 8-10 days. This operation is almost bloodless, and the likelihood of post-operative swelling and bruising is significantly reduced. Therefore, laser blepharoplasty can be used in cases when the patient is interested in a short period of recovery. Slim cheek by Buccal Fat removal surgery with Dr. Kolawach at DRK.
You should stay in Thailand for at least 14 days after you have undergone blepharoplasty surgery. During this period you are kept under observation and you will attend follow up checks. Your health conditions are monitored and stitches are removed after 5 to 7 days. If everything goes fine during this time, you can go home when allowed by your physician. The use of local anesthesia with sedation will eliminate pain and reduce anxiety. However, you will not be put to sleep because the surgeon will need you to move your eyes from time to time while the surgery is going on.

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