Just How A Home Security System Ended Up Saving Our Family

My family had never ever considered acquiring a home security system, but the new house we acquired came with one already set up, so we decided to keep it on. We figured out how to use it quickly and having it really reduced our homeowner's insurance.

The 1st weekend my wife and I went away to visit relatives, there seemed to be an issue. We had left the kids with a trustworthy babysitter, however in the evening, somebody made an effort to break in through the garage.

The noise of the alarm scared them away, fortunately, plus it woke everybody up. Our babysitter contacted the cops and us, but the would-be intruders hadn't made it past the garage door. It was a huge eye-opening situation that persuaded us immediately that home security is more a necessity than a luxury. We will never be without having a security system again.

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