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It's the one thing kids often really really want and there's no denying they're fun and make sharing a bedroom a little easier - what is it? The most important safety tip is to always buy a bunk bed that meets the mandatory standards as set out by the ACCC ( Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ). This standard covers all aspects of construction and design - with a particular focus on the size of gaps and spaces, as it is easy for little heads, arms and legs to get caught.
A bunk bed with an attached desk can help maximize your space, and a staircase bunk bed can make it easier getting up and down. Stompa UK furniture for toddler bunk bed Australia kids rooms, Bunks and beds, storage and more. House of Orange designed these bunks in a way they can be converted to very solid stand-alone beds.

The Coroner said that after being warned that its Mae King Single Bed "may be hazardous to young children" due to an entrapment hazard, Incy had removed references to "toddler height" from its product description and added "not recommended for toddlers".
With the range of options available for sale on our website and in our warehouse, we are confident you can find your kids a loft or bunk bed that suits style, colour and height needs. Bunk beds need to be positioned well clear of ceiling fans, windows and blinds (especially blind cords which pose a strangulation risk,) lights, heaters or any other electrical device.
Our particular focus has been to provide safe, comfortable furniture for kids. Our Trundle Tidy Bed can slide easily beneath a selection of Boori bunk beds to provide you with additional storage without having to give up floor space. Meanwhile, if you're thinking of moving your child to a toddler bed, read this.

It was the first death of its kind known in WA and the consumer watchdog has reminded parents about the dangers of bunk-beds and recommended they not be used by children under nine years old. One study estimated even 11 and 12-year-old children in bunks had a three times greater risk of hospital-treated injury than those who slept in standard-height beds.
Look through a variety of bunk beds with ladders or staircases that make it easy to get up and down. For example, the fall in baby walker injuries recorded by VISS over the period 1989-93 appears to coincide with a strong intervention program in Victoria to discourage the use of baby walkers.

Guardrails are important to keep your child safe in the top bunk. Rather than buy a home with several more bedrooms, you can get bunk beds to maximise the space you do have and provide comfortable sleeping arrangements for all your children. Happy to help - the ideal mattress height for a bunk bed depends on the actual bunk bed as the space for the mattress can vary.
Find a collection of bunk beds with different themes that will blend in with the existing room decor. A bunk bed is two beds on top of each other. Say hello to our new range of nursery furniture that allows you to create a stylish, safe and functional nursery that beautifully marries with the rest of your home and grows with you and your baby.

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