Seductive Scent Perfume

So it’s suitable for outdoor activities and formal occasions. It’s also a super seductive scent that most men would love wearing for a romantic date, and women will love smelling it on you.
Top notes of ginger, grapefruit and cardamom preserve YSL’s clean, playful essence, lending fresh citrusy elements. The scent is undoubtedly great, but we’d recommend buying this pick just for the clean, stylish bottle; which is consistent with the past L’Homme perfume range. Feel the fresh mountain air from the comfort of your own city with this ice-covered woody scent from BVLGARI. It’s a really powerful yet tamed scent any guy would love to drench his body in. The scent is quite the daring choice to express, but it’s surely one that will turn some heads in the process. So, if you’re gifting your boyfriend or husband, be sure to keep him on a leash when he’s out on the streets wearing this. Fruity notes like pear and Italian orange are in the perfume, which is balanced with toffee, patchouli and tiger orchid.

Bracing, uplifting and almost nose-tinglingly spicy, ginger pairs beautifully with vanilla, woody notes and citrus, as well as white flowers like jasmine and neroli. This spice is used quite widely in perfumery – as well as a wide range of foods and medicines, too, produced everywhere from South America to Malaysia, the Caribbean, Japan and Africa. Next time you’re biting into a date – that dried fruit, which conjures up images of oases, palm trees – have a sniff, first. You’ll get a sweetness, maybe a hint of caramel, from this ‘fruit of Heaven’ as it’s known. The use of oakmoss in perfumery goes back a long, long way. Coty’s Chypre perfume, in 1917, popularised this type of fragrance – but in fact, chypre scents, inspired by the island of Cyprus, had been beguiling people for centuries. After working for many years in the scents and perfume industry, I finally got the time to write about perfumes.
It is because there are times when strong scents and fragrances can change or overpower the scent of your cologne. Compared to colognes, perfume has more concentration. In fact, it is considered as the most concentrated variation of fragrances as its scented oil usually composes around 20 to 40 percent of its overall consistency. With that, expect the scent of a perfume to last for at least one day. Be cautious when buying perfumes, though, as there are also cheaply-made ones that you can’t expect to last as long as the others.

Base notes are the building blocks upon which every fragrance is based. They last the longest and are very rich and decadent. This is the majority of what you will smell throughout the entire duration of your scent.
It's not bad at all considering you can find this in Marshall's and TJ Maxx at a greatly reduced price. If you're on a budget, or just enjoy inexpensive scents that have unique profiles, it's read more worth taking a shot at Seductive Homme. Of course sample it first if you can, but if not, then at the least you'll have something that smells different than the rest of your wardrobe.

They are the main scent of the cologne and are often a well-rounded combination of floral tones infused with oils and spices. Popular heart tones include jasmine, geranium, and nutmeg.
A twist on the traditional lavender, this fragrance is a great addition to your line even if you have the most perfect lavender already in it. It has notes of Italian bergamot, eucalyptus, citrus zests , lily of the valley and of course, French lavender. Warm and luscious is the best way to describe "Kisses of Honey". This is a straight sweet honey with no floral notes. Just one pure rich scent of sweet, amber colored honey.
The top notes are French jasmine, black truffle, ylang-ylang, black currant and effervescent citrus. In the floral-spicy heart, dwells the Tom Ford’s black orchid, imaginary more than real, and the base combines woodsy notes , dark chocolate, incense, amber, vetiver, vanilla and balsam.

The opening is very fresh thanks to Mandarin, Bergamot, and Litchi, while the heart rests on an intoxicating Jasmine. Shalimar GuerlainYear of Launch1925GenderFeminineHouseGuerlainHow can you capture a passionate love that captures, enchants, and enchants? How can you enclose it in a bottle to feel and live it whenever you want? Guerlain found the answer in Shalimar scents, an unmistakable and timeless fragrance, as well as one of the masterpieces of modern perfumery. Thanks to its elegance and character, you will not go unnoticed. Furthermore, as the hours go by, it becomes even more interesting, transforming itself into a sophisticated and sensual fragrance on the skin, which is difficult to forget. Some might feel a bit sweeter than others which is true.
To top it all off, here's a video of more perfumes that are a hit with the men. A staple of signature scents since 1994, L’Eau d’Issey is easily distinguished by its opening notes of yuzu, the Japanese citrus fruit, along with lemon and bergamot. But balance comes in the form of nutmeg, tobacco and vetiver, which make it a sophisticated fragrance for mature men.

In this list, you'll find nine hot couple fragrances. The pink pepper, cardamom, and orange blend together and create a sharp and spicy fruity top note, which I thought it was pineapple.
It has a floral profile with a soft sillage and a light amount of longevity. At its top, this perfume has the citrus notes of bergamot, Mandarin orange and lemon. In its middle are notes of peach, iris, rose and blackcurrant.

Almost cool-as-a-cucumber, a touch metallic - yet fresh and new-mown-grass-y at the same time. Unlike the flowers, which add a powdery touch to scents, violet leaf smells very ‘green’ – and works best in watery fragrances and masculine scents, especially in the fougère family.

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