Unotheactivist Rapper 2022

And we’ve been working on music ever since. Every song we ever did we using it on the album. The newest installment of his series comes complete with seven tracks an interlude. Among the track’s eight new tracks is the previously released single, “Cloned Existence”, which came out in November.
Some people are really connected with the universe. Getting in tune with that every day keeps me on track. The fans have been going crazy, they've been bugging me for I don’t know how long. I’m so joyous right now the shit’s actually out. I know the fans are saying they can’t believe this motherfucker’s coming out, it’s happening. What fuels Uno’s music is his spirituality and deep outlook on life, all of which spills through his lyrics and everyday life.

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Shoutout my big brother Kenny Beats; love that man. It don’t matter who it’s for, he droppin’ some UnoTheAc. It don’t matter who in the room—UnoTheAc gon’ get played.

The Hip Hop industry is alluring with all the money, bright lights, and fan love that can make it hard for anyone to leave it for some time. For UnoTheActivist, his time away from the industry had him in deep reflection and allowed him to tap into a different creative space that resulted in his latest studio album 8. I did this song like 10 years ago and it really blew up like crazy back then. It’s by far my most successful bubbling track, even before it came out on the Nyege Nyege Tapes label.
Every month Cortega picks a DJ or producer who puts Africa and its diaspora in the spotlight. Featuring an exclusive playlist of the 10 sounds that have shaped his musical universe. Today we start with Dutch producer and DJ De Schuurman. 2 is an English album released in 2018. There are a total of 8 songs in Limbus Pt.

When you look at an 8 the lines meet at the middle point. All the energy is coming from the middle and that’s how I approached everything with this. I really realized people were getting really sad that I wasn’t dropping music. I talked to a lot of them in the DMs and I heard every one of them. UnoTheActivist has dropped a new album titled “Unoverse 3“, and all tracks are right here for your free download.
It is great to hear a longer project from Uno since the first Limbus project only carried 3 singles but this one feeds fans with more of what they love about Uno. So make sure to take a listen to this new solid project. This song is a perfect reflection of things I have been through the last two years.
I’m not in competition with my other projects. They’re all one huge project because they all go into each other, continuation type shit. “I felt underappreciated and just felt like they didn’t really hear me. I felt like nobody really was listening to my raps. It was just like they were listening, but they really weren’t feeling me. They were just listening to it because of the hype and didn’t appreciate anything I was saying or learning the message,” said Uno.

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Uno also has a pretty nasty flow when he goes for it, such as on "Cloned Existence", one of the many standout tracks. He is definitely an above average writer especially with regard to matching his vowel sounds in very satisfying ways, and his sense of flow. This is my debut album and it’s low-key charting too. Nah, I’m not trying to top any of my other shit. I’m trying to put music out whatever I’m feeling at the time.

I’d have to say “Devil On Yo Right Shoulder.” When I was making that song, I felt I was going into a past life. Like I was born in the 80’s, or made that song in the 90’s. I was really inside the bag when I made that song.

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