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Whilst we do not physically mix dermal fillers pre-treatment, it is perfectly fine to place different fillers in the same area at either the same, or different times. Most Dermal Filler treatments take about minutes to do depending on what needs to be done and how many syringes are used. When it comes to choosing a cosmetic injectables clinic in Sydney, Cosmos Clinic is a choice that is supported with a good reputation, specialist dermal fillers practice sydney experienced staff, and a history of creating stunning results. Basics of dermal fillers and their use for cosmetic indications. The development and approval of new skin fillers in the last few years now gives us a much greater choice and better results in reducing wrinkles, creases, depressed scars and lip enhancement. The doctors at Áda will assess and advise what type of filler would best fulfil your needs.
They can also be used as a preventative treatment in younger patients who wish to combat fines lines early. I went to Jeremy about 5 years ago then held off from getting the breast reduction and after 5 years of pain and being unhappy in my body i went back and saw dr hunt. He has changed my life with his surgery, the results are exactly what I wanted and asked for. I was taken care of by all of his staff and made to feel very comfortable.

With cosmetic injectables growing in popularity, there are countless treatment providers to choose from. It can be confusing to know which clinic to trust with your anti-wrinkle, lip plumping or facial shaping procedure that you have dreamed of undergoing for a while. We recommend the naturally occurring polysaccharide or “sugar” based gels. Their popularity is due to their safety, having virtually no long-term risks and their ability to produce a soft natural look with little pain or down time.
At White Hill Clinic, we’ll help you create a customized treatment plan that meets your needs and desires. Critical problems, if they occur with hyaluronic acid filler, can be dissolved immediately with hyalase. Asymmetry – filler can improve or accentuate asymmetries. Furthermore it can create an asymmetry not present prior to injection. Lumps – from uneven filler material placement however most of these can be massaged away.
From foundation to advanced to masterclass level, you can book the complete package of anti wrinkle, needle and Microcannula dermal filler procedures. All cosmetic treatments are performed by medical professionals with previous experience using needles and injecting. These professionals will be carrying out the treatment under supervision of our expert trainers guiding the process. Our team at White Hill Clinic recommends that you seek out a second opinion from another qualified healthcare provider before undertaking any cosmetic procedure. In accordance with the National Law and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency guidelines, any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks, so a second opinion is advised.

He went through every aspect of the surgery and ensured I was realistic about my expectations concerning the outcome. Naturally I was a little nervous about having surgery, however the staff at St Luke's private hospital were lovely. They really looked after me and I was made completely comfortable both before and after the surgery. I was followed up by Dr Hunt post surgery and it has been almost a year since I had my procedure. It was one of the best decisions I have made - I love my new look and my self confidence has grown. I highly recommend Dr Hunt - he is a highly skilled surgeon and I am now added to the list of his very satisfied clients.
These fillers are thicker and are usually used in areas we want to mimic bone (jaw/nose/chin etc). Smooth upper lip lines with targeted placement of dermal fillers designed specifically for this indication. Significant improvements can be seen after a single treatment. Enhance the contour of your jawline or jowls with our expertly placed premium range of dermal fillers. Instantly reshape your nose with minimal discomfort and no downtime with our premium range of TGA approved dermal fillers. Restructure facial features with our premium range of dermal fillers.

This was not a vanity problem I just hated the way I looked. Imagine going shopping and piling the food in a bag that is over full and you know how it sags well that was me. I didn't really have to tell him about why I was visiting him he saw it straight away and picked how I was feeling about myself without me saying anything.
We only use a top quality filler which is a Swiss product. It has proven clinical longevity, minimal bruising as well as a natural feel. This isn’t a cheap filler but the results that you get are great and last a lot longer than some of the other products. We have used several brands over the years and have found this gives the best clinical results. To help achieve your goals, we will tailor treatment options to what you actually need. We will never recommend surgical or non surgical treatment if its not going to achieve what you want.

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