Since forex trading involves selling one currency and buying another, the currencies are always quoted in pairs. The currency that’s listed first is called the base currency, while the second one is called the quote currency. The forex pair price shows how much of the base currency is contained in the quote currency.Although highly volatile, fore… Read More

The treatment handpieces are then systematically passed over the treatment area. Each position is held for a few seconds to allow the handpiece to pulse multiple focused ultrasound points along the skin in a linear fashion. Different levels of skin are targeted with different handpieces to get tightening at different levels. You will be looked afte… Read More

In most cases, only one session of treatment is required but 2 -3 follow-up treatments might be needed if you want additional sculpturing to your body. The results are permanent, fat cells once destroyed won’t come back on their own but the results may be affected by weight gain and pregnancy. You may experience the feeling of pull on the procedu… Read More

All of our course delegates are qualified medical professionals and will have already gone through the theoretical material on the day. All treatments will be administered under the close supervision of our expert trainers, so you’re in safe hands! Follow the links to view and book ourdermal filler and anti wrinkle treatments, or visit our cosmet… Read More

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