Montanus, advocated that the spirit of truth had come through Montanus. Some have predicted how the pandemic will be a once in a generation opportunity to remake society and provide a better future. While no one can be sure how the novel coronavirus will change the world we live in, it is likely that the near future will dramatically different from… Read More

Discounts may be the easiest thing to demand, but they are by no means the most valuable. And focusing on them makes it harder to have constructive conversations about efficiency, creativity, or responsiveness. To address the real pain points in how companies consume legal services today, law departments must move quickly past Procurement 101 to mo… Read More

Have six years experience as a plumbing contractor, plumber, or plumber's apprentice with at least two of those years as a plumbing contractor or plumber. On March 29, 2021 the Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Board convened and voted to extend the 2020 renewal period for an additional two months. It is anticipated that this will be the final extens… Read More

You need that drain cleared away, and the more you ignore it the worse it will be. Slow draining water, gurgling sounds and awful odors are signs of a clogged drain. You deserve the very best when it comes to fixing your plumbing, and our quality services can be counted on no matter the job. You also deserve the undivided attention of an experience… Read More

Dram shop—A drunk driver may not be the only party responsible for injuries sustained in a drunk-driving accident. Establishments that served alcohol to a driver may also be responsible under Pennsylvania’s Dram Shop laws. Product liability— Whether a child’s toy or pharmaceuticals, defective products can seriously injure users. Those who m… Read More